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Renata Jackowiak


This series of works, inspired by the creations of the Italian artist Amadeo Modigliani, was created in 1995-2002. The works are fragments of intricately structured portraits - landscapes of human memory. As the author says, they are photographic plates in which the kinetics of the frame is set onto a dead canvas as if by a spell.
"I first encountered the works of this artist during the exhibition "Paris x 4" at the Zachęta gallery in Warsaw. There were only two paintings there... but still... The afterimage remained until the next encounter in 2002 - at an exhibition in Paris. This time, it was totally retrospective. Each of the artist's works entered into intimate contact with the viewer; the "non-seeing" eyes riveted our attention so strongly. They were an inspiration.
When designing and making the tapestries, my goal is to use the fabric to show a drawing, to translate the subtle lines of the pencil (or brush) into a language of the fabric's weave - into an accuracy of the texture.
I use natural fibres to achieve a diversity of fabric textures; natural fibres absorb light softly, creating a painting-like sfumato in the process.
In my works, I strive to create an illusion from which a new reality is born. I'm interested in fabric from the point of view of the content, of the mood it provides. The compositions of my works are open, containing both the past and present. The openness towards time is like the interweaved and diverse texture of the fabric, based on a traditional technique in a new context.
Signs, impressions of memory, and afterimages are elements that accompany my works, both woven and painted."

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Professor Renata Jackowiak specialises in painting and fine art weaving. She is particularly fond of fabrics made from natural fibres, such as wool, flax, sisal, jute, coconut fibre, and raffia. Her works use warm tones that resemble earth colours.

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