Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie MTP POZNAŃ Polska

General National Exhibition

The General National Exhibition was organised in 1929 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Poland's independence. The exhibition presented the economic, cultural, scientific and political achievements of a country that was present on the map of Europe very briefly, merely for a decade, after many years of political non-existence.

The Exhibition was truly impressive. It covered over 60 hectares. The exposition showcased in 112 buildings was divided into 32 sections that presented Polish achievements in the field of industry, trade, agriculture, social care, physical education, hygiene and sports as well as culture, arts and science. In thematic pavilions you could view displays of heavy industry along with metal, aviation and car industries as well as electrical engineering. All prominent brands were present at the Exhibition. Cities (Lviv, Gdańsk) and public institutions and offices (including the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Agricultural Reforms or the Ministry of Communications) had their own pavilions. The Exhibition also featured the Palace of Arts, where among others the works of Matejko and Wyspiański were displayed.

It could take you even a week to visit the entire exhibition carefully. From May to September 1929 (for 138 days) PeWuKa grounds were visited by four and a half million people, including 200,000 foreign guests. Guests left Poznań fascinated with the city, modern architecture of pavilions, attractions and above all with the interesting exposition. Never before and never after did Poles organise such robust exhibition that can be compared today only to EXPO world exhibitions.  

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