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img_3116.JPG2010 was a year of investments for MTP. In January, a groundbreaking plaque for the new hall 6A had been embedded and the hall was commissioned the same year in August. Therefore, the construction of the hall took only seven moths. It is a result that many can envy. The official opening of this modern structure that has a usable surface of 3,600 m2 was already held in September and was attended by 2,000 people. It also emerged that not only did we build an extraordinary exhibition facility, but also a perfect acoustic space where concerts can be held. The acoustics of the hall was appreciated by Leszek Możdżer whom we had invited to be the star of that evening.

The construction of hall 6A resulted in a new, modern, and the largest MTP exhibition complex with a usable surface of 12 thousand m2, which was connected with connections to the neighbouring hall 5 at the turn of 2011/2012, and through it with the already existing MTP exposition complexes. It will offer the latest exposition conditions in Poland that the competition cannot rival, to exhibitors of the largest and several smaller specialist events.

3.jpgIn 2011 we also initiated the modernisation of our congress and conference centre (three levels in halls 15 and 14 B), having them prepared for various events in the coming years. The reconstruction was concluded in 2012 with a grand opening, to which Macy Gray - a globally renowned vocalist - added splendor. The landscape surrounding PCC has also changed. The conference complex is to be surrounded be a beautiful green square that will be made available to guests by the end of the second quarter of 2013.

MTP is the biggest centre of the kind, and today it organises approximately 2 thousands conferences, congresses, meetings, symposiums and other such events, ranging from small to very large, gathering from several dozens to several tens of thousands of participants. This creates the duty not only of providing comfort but of providing also safety for several thousands of guests, and this is the direction that our conference and exhibition complex investments will go in.

20130509_12081c.jpg2013 is also the year of building new connections between halls no. 5, no. 6A and no. 9. The investment that has been started in June is also a play to exhibitioners and guests who visit fair grounds. The connections enable visiting the whole exposition without the need to go outside.

20130408_122047.jpgThe connection between halls no. 5 and no. 9 has a surface of 854.25 m2. Its height is the same as the height of the hall, which is 10.2 m and the height inside for the roof construction amounts approximately to 8 meters. The connection plays an exhibition function, however, it can be used for driving through - its width amounts to 8 m. The second connection between halls no. 5 and no. 6A plays a communication role between the two exhibition halls. Its usable surface amounts to 353 m2, the external height - 7.9 m, internal height - 6.15 m, and drive through width - 8 m.

system_mtp46u7.jpgWe have also invested significant funds in MTP quality system of customer service. We have implemented many improvements that enable preparing and participating in the fair. A special IT system was developed for our needs that completely changed the way the customer is serviced. It required implementing many other enhancements, including construction of one of the most modern computer networks in Poland. The system combines MTP logistics into one, services people who come to fair events, seminars, offices, riding in, parking cars, while its gives our exhibitioners full scope of information pertaining to the number and quality of visitors, who came to see MTP. The data that we acquire from registration also helps us to plan even better and more efficiently promotional undertakings for the purpose of the next fairs.

A number of renovations, including earthworks, will be carried out on the premises of Poznań International Fair during the time of summer holidays. The most significant ones include modernisation of road surface and eradication of tracks in the section between the halls 1and 11 as well as the reconstruction of hall 8A.

Currently, demolition works are being carried out in hall 8A, which are due to be completed by the end of July. Wechta S.A. has won the tender regarding designing and building a new hall. The company will provide a construction project until the end of June. The new building is inwestycje_2.jpgassumed to be an exhibition hall adapted to the construction of modern storied stands. The floor of the entire building will be raised to the level of the adjacent hall 7A. Basements, located inside the building, will no longer be used, so we plan to close them down. The building will be linked by an aboveground passage to the Congress Centre (Hall 15).

The reconstruction of the hall is yet another investment aimed at increasing the attractiveness of the exhibition, conference and conference-seminar halls of MTP. Since the beginning of 2009, MTP has invested more than 150 million Polish zlotys in the development and modernisation of its facilities. During that time, the modern exhibition hall 6A was put into use. Its construction was carried out at a record pace. After seven months of construction works, the infrastructure of MTP was expanded by 3.600 square meters of modern exhibition space.

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