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Accreditation regulations


A. Accreditation types:

PIF uses two types of accreditations
- periodical accreditations - for entry to a show held at a specific time
- permanent accreditations - for entry to shows in the whole trade fair season (spring or autumn)
Accreditation is valid solely with a press ID or a certificate from an editorial board/agency together with a personal ID.

B. Rules for issuing accreditations:

  1. Permanent and periodical accreditations are issued free of charge.
  2. Periodical press accreditations are issued on the basis of accreditation applications
    • completed by using online forms at http://www.mtp.pl
    • sent by email to press
    • sent by fax to +48 61 869 29 62
    • submitted orally and personally in an accreditation point.
  3. Permanent accreditations are issued by the PIF employees at their discretion to journalists who have actively participated in trade shows in the preceding season. No accreditation application has to be submitted to obtain permanent accreditation.
  4. Accreditations are issued solely to journalists working for mass media registered in court and having a legal personality and to official e-news sites.
  5. Periodical accreditations are issued solely personally on the basis of a valid press ID or a certificate confirming cooperation with an editorial board. It is not sufficient to document membership in an association or organisation of journalists to issue an accreditation.
  6. Periodical accreditations can be collected not earlier than 3 working days before the relevant show and not later than at 3 p.m. on the last trade fair day.
  7. Permanent accreditations are sent by post to the journalist's direct address.
  8. When performing journalist's tasks, accreditation has to be made visible for security staff.
  9. Accredited journalists present on the PIF grounds are obliged to observe instructions of security staff and PIF regulations.
  10. PIF has the right to nullify a press accreditation if the accredited person violates PIF regulations.

C. Benefits stemming from accreditation:

  1. Thanks to a periodical accreditation, journalists can enter the PIF grounds for a given trade fair clearly marked on the accreditation card and conferences, seminars and workshops held at the fair except for conferences/seminars and events where access is granted to people with personal invitations only.
  2. Journalists with a permanent accreditation can enter the PIF grounds during all trade fair events.
  3. Holders of permanent and periodical PIF accreditations can obtain a free-of-charge vehicle entry pass to enter the fairgrounds in a car.
  4. Accredited journalists can obtain free-of-charge materials about a given show in the Press Centre (including a trade fair catalogue, programme of the show, news bulletins; CDs with photos are available not earlier than on the second trade fair day).
  5. To facilitate work performed by journalists, PIF offers access to computers with an Internet connection, a printer or a fax in the Press Centre.
  6. Journalists using the services of the Press Centre can obtain free drinks (coffee, tea, mineral water).
  7. Accredited journalists can use the assistance of the Press Centre employees who can help them contact trade fair exhibitors and provide information about the exposition.
  8. PIF also offers assistance in booking hotels, but such a need must be reported at least 7 days in advance.
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