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Construction of stands before or dismantling them after the official dates

Poznan International Fair (Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie) would like to inform you that stands may - in exceptional and justified cases - be installed before the scheduled installation date or dismantled after the scheduled dismantling date only with the consent of PIF (MTP). Such consent is granted where it is actually possible to conduct the work on the dates proposed by the applicant.

To obtain the consent to carry out construction or dismantling work on dates other than those set for each individual fair or other event the applicant should apply in writing to MTP's Facility Management Department and provide the reasons why the applicant needs to begin the stand construction earlier or finish the stand dismantling later.

There is a fee payable for stand construction before the scheduled date or dismantling after such date. The fee shall be paid in advance - before construction or dismantling begins.

The fees for such early construction or late dismantling are as follows:

  • in pavilions: PLN 2 net per square metre of the leased area, such fee to be no less than PLN 350 net per day*
  • outdoors: PLN 0.70 net per square metre of the leased area, such fee to be no less than PLN 150 net per day*

* 7.00 am - 9.30 pm

The fees are payable by those who prepare stands or arrange the leased space:

  • participants of fairs and other events who construct stands for their own needs or arrange the area they leased,
  • firms which construct stands or arrange leased area for participants of fairs or other events,
  • event organisers who are responsible for developing or arranging the leased area.
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