Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie MTP POZNAŃ Polska


Poznań International Fair has prepared a variety of tickets in order to best suit your needs.

Tickets in offer:

One-time ticket – grants only one-time entry to exposition area.

Multi-time ticket – grants repeated entry and exit during all days of particular fair.

Electronic ticket – can be purchased at our internet service www.mtp24.pl. The on-line pre-sale concludes at least a day before any fair.

A ticket bought at ticket office – the ticket offices are open during the fair, in all entry halls opened during the fair.

Post-registration tickets – for professionals from chosen  industry branches that are separately determined for every fair.

Tickets without registration– for people who are not eligible for registration during particular fair.

The above definition combine in the names of specific tickets like "a one-time ticket bought at ticket office, without registration".

TICKET PRICES and entry rules

Specific information including entry rules, ticket prices and open exhibition halls for specific fairs can be found at internet websites of particular fairs, at the "information for visitors" tab.

Ticket invoicing

Invoice for tickets bought at a ticket office

You can receive an invoice at an invoicing office in open entry halls during the opening hours of any fair, based on a receipt of purchase.

Electronic Ticket invoice

You can order an invoice for an electronic ticket using the service www.mtp24.pl


When must I buy a ticket to make sure that these don't run out?

On general, our tickets are not limited. However, the pre-sale of electronic tickets (these are usually cheaper than those sold at ticket offices) concludes at least a day before a fair is opened. After the pre-sale in the Internet is concluded you can order tickets at a ticket office. Limited electronic entry tickets that are available only during pre-sale are exception to this, and sometimes only a handful of these are made available for sale. So it is best to hurry.

What are ticket purchase limitations?

MTP organises both strictly professional fairs intended exclusively for a closed group of recipients as well as fairs that professionals and the public alike can attend.

In the latter case the first two days are dedicated strictly to professionals - usually the price of tickets for people outside of the business is rather high. On the other hand we encourage schools and the public to attend the last two days. We also prepare fairs that may interest every individual (well - who is able to resist the charm of a brand-name car :) and we invite whole families to attend these.

You will find specifics on characteristics of particular fairs, days of entry for broad audience and ticket prices at the internet websites of specific fairs, at pages for visitor under the tab "Entry Rules".

I bought a one-time ticket. I entered the fair but wish to go out to the city centre. Will I be able to re-enter using the same ticket?

No. A one-time ticket allows going in and out of fair grounds for one time only. We recommend to plan your stay at the fair grounds well and to take all the necessary materials with you, or to buy a multi-time ticket straight away that will allow you repeated entry to fair grounds. During some of the fairs 24-hour tickets are also available for purchase.

I would like to buy tickets for professionals for a couple of people from our company and receive a collective invoice. Do I need to fill in the survey  for every person separately?

We recommend that you buy tickets through mtp24.pl. service. These tickets are usually cheaper than those available at ticket offices, you may fill in just one survey and just add additional employee names later. You will pay for the tickets by means of a bank transfer, refer the tickets to your employees before departure and order a collective invoice using  mtp24. service.

If you wish to buy tickets on site then you will need to fill in a survey for every person separately that entitles to purchase tickets at a ticket office. You will receive your invoice based on your receipt at invoicing office. The ticket offices, registration surveys and invoicing offices are available at every entrance hall that are open during particular fairs.


Activation of invitations

Invitations sent by MTP, exhibitioners and partners of specific fairs require to be activated. In order to perform the activation it is necessary to have an account at mtp24.pl. service. After creating an account or after logging onto an already possessed account you need to choose the fair from the list, and then execute the activation by giving the number of the invitation.




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