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The benefits


Comprehensive presentations:

  • tailor made exhibitions
  • spectacular presentations of new products
  • demonstrations of product applications
  • meetings with clients
  • press conferences

Effective return on investment:

  • survey of the Exhibition & Event Association of Australia revealed that average investment of 9% of the marketing budget spent on participation in a trade show help increase business by 23%
  • according to CEIR (Center of Exhibition Industry Research and FEBELUX (Federations of Fairs and Exhibitions in Belgium and Luxemburg):
    • 76% of trade fair guests have definite action plans,
    • 48% of prospective transactions discussed at a trade show are completed successfully without any additional effort on the part of the seller
    • completion of transactions discussed at a trade show costs 56% less than traditional visits paid to prospective trade partners

Complete offer:

  • assistance extended by professional personnel
  • full arrangement of trade fair presentations – stand development, organization of exhibition and conferences, promotional and advertising campaigns
  • extended service and quality


  • application and order forms are available online on the websites of individual trade shows


  • market research, sectoral reports
  • search for prospective candidates for cooperation, investors and partners
  • organization of meetings with short listed trade partners
  • preparation and service of trade missions
  • help in marketing and promotional campaigns
  • organization of WTC Club meetings and International Cooperation Exchanges; in 2003 match-made meetings attracted entrepreneurs from 17 countries – Belarus, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Holland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Ukraine and USA

Hosted Buyers:
A few months before a given trade show, the Poznań International Fair (MTP) searches for potential partners and investors interested in cooperation with exhibitors. It then organises their visit to Poznań. A series of pre-arranged meetings takes place during the show. This increases the efficiency of a trade fair presentation and shortens the time to reach business partners. 

Benefits for visitors:

  • complete, synthetic and neutral information
  • excellent comparability of offers
  • possibility of objective assessment
  • 54% visitors visit trade shows to see new products or services
  • 48% visitors look for information
  • 40% want to be up to date with new technologies
  • 15% visit trade shows to establish business contacts

Source: Exhibition & Event Association of Australia

  • trade shows create an opportunity for a dialogue and exchange of opinions
  • new customers – first contacts with prospective customers are made at trade shows 
  • existing customers – trade shows help refresh contacts and hold dialogues with customers during face-to-face meetings
  • former customers – contacts with former customers are re-established at trade shows and new offers are presented to them

Synergy effect:
The synergy effect can be achieved through the simultaneous use of different services. Trade shows help to:

  • acquire new customers
  • compile a new customer database
  • strengthen contacts with clients
  • launch new products and services
  • demonstrate and promote products
  • sell products
  • create the company image
  • create and strengthen the brand
  • increase media interest

Furthermore, trade shows are excellent venues to:

  • learn about customer expectations
  • get immediate opinion about company products
  • find local product representatives and distributors
  • present products using all five senses


Fair shows + Internet:

  • in the opinion of 91% of 250 surveyed presidents of American corporations, the Internet DOES NOT replace trade shows:
  • personal contact is indispensable (55%)
  • a product must be seen and discussed (35%)
  • answers given to questions asked at trade shows are more complete (10%)
  • the Internet can be used as a source of trade show information:
    • company presentation in the online exhibitors’ catalogue
    • all year promotion of new products on the market on MTP’s websites

(Source: International Association for Exhibition Management)
Benefits for exhibitors:

  • demonstration of company presence on the market (opinion expressed by 83% of the respondents)
  • presentation of new products (79%)
  • retaining contacts with existing customers (78%)
  • exchange and acquisition of information (78%)
  • acquisition of new customers (77,6%)
  • increased knowledge and improved company image (76%)
  • increased product knowledge (75%)
  • recognition of customer expectations (70%)
  • conclusion of sale agreements (64%)
  • influencing customer decisions (63%)
  • increased product awareness (58% companies)
  • exchange and collection of information about the market (50% companies)
  • recognition of customer expectations (50% companies), influencing customer decisions (33% companies)
  • conclusion of sale agreements (29% companies)

(Source: Austellungs- und MesseAusschuss der Deutschen Wirtschaft - EMNID Institute Deutschland)


  • 87% of marketing specialists think that direct, i.e. face-to-face  communication with customers, trade partners and media representatives is a necessary element of the company’s marketing strategy

(Source: Association of Exhibition Organisers, Benchmark Research)

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