Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie MTP POZNAŃ Polska

Useful information


Parking your car within the city centre is chargeable
The streets where the metered parking zone is enforced are marked by notice boards. On regulars days tolls are to be paid  from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM. Parking on regular days from 6:00 PM until 9:00 AM and on weekends is free of charge.
One is required to buy a parking ticket at a parking meter situated near parking areas. Caution! The meter does not give any change - it prints tickets whose value corresponds to the inserted amount of money
If you are coming to Poznań to stay just for a few hours then leaving your car at one of buffer parking areas - guarded parking areas outside of metered parking zone - is a good solution for you.

MTP Parking area

We offer you a parking area (approximately 1000 parking lots) located 350 meters from the exhibition grounds and guarded 24 hours a day. The parking services passenger cars, trucks, buses and large size vehicles (TIR).

Parking location

MTP parking, ul. Matejki

GPS: ul. Matejki 63


  • Motorcycle/scooter - PLN 2.00/1h
  • Passenger car - PLN 4.00/1h
  • Trailer - PLN 4.00/1h
  • Truck/bus - PLN 8.00/1h
  • Passenger car+trailer - PLN 8.00/1h


You will receive an invoice for parking services based on the receipt provided to the operator at the exit of the car park from Matejki Street or sent to the headquarters of the operator - GREEN Parking Polska Sp. z o.o., ul. Opalenicka 67, 60-362 Poznan.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT (buses and trams)

Travelling by means of public transport is a lot faster that driving a car, especially during rush hours.
You will find all the information at the hall of POZNAŃ GŁÓWNY Railway Station (open everyday between 8:00 AM and -08:00, while it is also possible to acquire information by telephone from 6:00 AM till 10:00 PM under the following number: 061/ 633 53 19. The information is available all the time at http://www.mpk.poznan.pl/.

It is good to know that the following ticket types are in force in Poznań:

  1. Timed tickets - for riding trams and buses - such a ticket entitles its holder to switch transport within its duration, without the need to use an additional ticket.
  2. Distance ticket - used only in case of bus rides (either up to 10 bus stops or over 10 bus stops) - the ticket entitles the holder to ride the distance of a given number of bus stops without additional payments for the time of being stuck in a traffic jam.
  3. 24-hour ticket - entitles the holder to use public transport for 24 hours from the moment it was validated in a tram or a bus.

It is possible to usemoBILET service in Poznań, that involves receiving and validating electronic tickets using a mobile telephone - see here for details: www.mpk.poznan.pl/mobilet.html



Taxis belonging to

"Radio-Taxi 519" taxi corporation (phone no: 61 8 519 519 or 61 8 519 628) and Radio Taxi RMI FM – Poznań (phone no: 61 8219-219) are also at your disposal ,which have the clearance to enter the grounds of Poznań International Fair. Per your request, the taxis belonging to the corporation will also arrive at any destination in order to pick you up and to transport you to exhibition grounds.

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