Trade Fair of 3D Printing and Scanning


03-06.11.2020, Poznań

3D SOLUTIONS Fair offers a chance to exchange ideas and experience and its strength lies in variousworkshops and demonstrations given by specialists in the field. Fair is dedicated to producers and distributors of 3D printers, companies providing technologies for 3D scan enterprises related to the proces virtualisation industry.

Speed, economy and the ability to print complex shapes are the advantages that allow 3D printing to replace traditional production methods in many areas. Incremental technologies are a relatively new trend in the industrial world. While there is no shortage of new developments and ideas for the industry to thrive, 3D SOLUTIONS is the best place for those looking for them. 3D printing or else incremental technologies is the future for many branches of industry, logistics, e-commerce and medicine. This is evidenced not only by the annual increase in sales of machines offering more and more new printing technologies capable of working in serial production, but also by the innovative approach that allows companies to avoid mistakes already in the prototyping stage, and optimize their production processes to save materials.

The event takes place at the same time as ITM Industry Europe, thus creating a perfect opportunity for suppliers of 3D print technologies and key purchasers of products created through that technology to establish business cooperation. The fact that the event combines business and science in one placeis a great advantage of the fair.