Conference on cities of the future

City Development Forum

13-14.10.2021, Hybrydowe

Form: hybrid

Co-organizers and partners: Grupa MTP (Poznań) International Fair , Poznań City Hall, Union of Polish Metropolises, Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center and Association of Polish Cities.

The 5th edition of the City Development Forum will be a discussion on the resilience of cities and an attempt to take a look at the recent global urban trends. The two-day event brings together speakers, among others, from Great Britain, France, Spain, Sweden, Germany and Poland - these are representatives of local government, business, non-governmental organizations, and the world of science.

During the Forum, we will try to answer the question: Which cities were best able to survive the last difficult months and what factors made the urban fabric function reasonably well? What was the role of social capital, the strength and diversity of the local economy, urban solutions, new media, remote work technology and, finally, local government authorities? Which solutions, often introduced ad hoc, have proven successful and successfully contributed to the further functioning of cities? Are they a premise for the emerging development trends of the urban world? To what extent has the pandemic changed and to what extent has it reinforced the need to implement the tools of sustainable urbanization that have been discussed for a long time?

The time of crisis caused by the pandemic was not only a time of reduced social and economic activity in cities. Many municipal initiatives were born then. Crisis and the related limitations forced city authorities to accelerate the implementation of innovations and solutions, including in the field of digitization, spatial development, and the provision of public services. It resulted in a more careful look at the issue of environmental protection and access to blue and green infrastructure. The drastically limited mobility made the pandemic a test of the potential hidden inside cities, in their layout, intangible resources, in enterprises and organizations located in their area, but above all in people. It released individual resourcefulness in the area of paid work, education of children and youth, spending free time and personal development.

The City Development Forum is a free and accessible event for all interested parties. The program of the event is currently being prepared. More info on the website: