Trade Fair of Regions and Tourist Products


14-16.02.2020, Poznań

“Discover the taste of adventure” – this is  the motto of the 31st sedition of TOUR SALON Fair of Regions and Tourist Products. According to it, TOUR SALON will inspire to travel, point out interesting destinations, and be a guide to places that are worth visiting. The word "taste" in is not coincidental in this case because special attention will be paid to culinary tourism. More and more tourists decide on their travel destinations on the basis of taste experiences offered by the region. Together with regions, we want to encourage everyone to this style of exploring Polish and foreign regions. We want to talk to experts and invited travellers about culinary travels and effective use of the trend. Many cities have bloggers as their ambassadors. We hope that we will also invite them to cooperate. – informs Filip Bittner, Product Group Director.

TOUR SALON is to be the beginning of the travel adventure. Therefore, a wide range of companies and institutions is invited to cooperate, including regional tourist organizations and local government units, representatives of tourist attractions such as theme parks, museums, zoological gardens, tourist trails, tour operators and travel agencies, hotels, wellness & SPA centres, health resorts, sanatoriums, organizers of thematic trips, as well as manufacturers of tourist equipment. Thanks to such complex exposition travel enthusiasts will be able to plan further trips in interesting places from A to Z.

During the 2020 edition, there will also be meetings with well-known travelers who will take visitors with their colorful tales into amazing places. It is worth emphasizing here that in previous edition the special guests of TOUR SALON were, among others, Martyna Wojciechowska, Jarosław Kuźniar, Mateusz Waligóra, Tomasz Zubilewicz, Adam Wajrak and Miłka Raulin.

As part of the 31st edition of the fair, the Travel Festival "Śladami Marzeń" will also take place.