11/28/2018 7:00:55 PM


It's time for the autumn synergy of industries. On October 1-4, 2018 in the spaces of the Poznań International Fair, an extensive trade event addressed to the experts of the packaging, broadly understood printing and plastics processing industries will be held.



TAROPAK, 4 PRINT WEEK and POLYMER TECH are three events comprehensively focusing on the theme of the packaging industry, printing and offset technology, and technology related to the processing of polymeric materials. This is a unique opportunity to learn about such a
broad and comprehensive offer presented by these complementary industries.

Held every two years, the International Trade Fair for Packing and Labeling Technology is the most powerful event of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe, bringing together industry leaders and leading suppliers of packaging solutions and cutting-edge technology.

4 PRINT WEEK DIGITAL | INDUSTRIAL | OFFSET | FLEKSO | 3D is a new chapter in the tradition of meetings of the printing industry on MTP fairgrounds. The event is focused on
modern technologies, 3D printing, solutions dedicated to various sectors of industry as well as offset, flexographic and digital techniques.

The POLIMER TECH Technology for Polymer Processing Fair is a response to the growing demand of the industry for the latest technologies related to the production and processing of polymeric materials.

With the fair meetings you can establish lasting business contacts and get to know the
market trends and developments. It is also the perfect time and place for learning, sharing experiences and insights.

The question of how to meet the growing demands of customers will be answered by experts during
the 2nd Congress ART OF COLOR on October 1, 2018. This year, the Congress will focus on
the prospects for the development of the printing industry, the opening of new branches of industry and export opportunities. The event provides a unique forum for discussion about the technological development of the printing market in Poland, and is the site of integration of the entire industry. The program of the Congress features topics such as print finishing, possibilities of using UV cured printing, color management, optimization and stabilization of the printing process and news on online printing platforms that are advancing rapidly in the Polish market.

On October 2, the 4th edition of the Congress of the Packaging Industry will be held. This year the theme of the Congress will be transformation of the packaging industry towards closed-loop economy (GOZ). According to the assumptions adopted by the European Commission relating to the protection of the environment and non-renewable resources, the economies of the European Union are to seek “closure” of the product cycle, from its inception, through use, recycling/upcycling
and reuse. So it is the most topical issue for the next few years inspiring activities for the benefit of saving non-renewable resources used in the economy.