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Exhibitors about BUDMA fair

There is not much time left to the beginning of the BUDMA Fair. Soon, we will see hundreds of new products and technologies that will be used shortly on construction sites. And what do the Exhibitors themselves say about the Fair?

MONTERIADA 2016 at BUDMA trade fair

“Good installation is just as important as a good product" - this is the slogan under which for over a year the Association POiD (Polish Windows and Doors) has been implementing the educational campaign GOOD INSTALLATION.

A grand opening of the agricultural season in the Polish market!

The sixth edition of the POLAGRA-PREMIERY Fair that was held on January 21-24, 2016, in the area of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, is already over. – In this year's edition of the event, we have noticed a significant participation of specialists from the agricultural sector, as well as individual customers of agricultural machinery, equipment and services – states Jakub Patelka, Project Director.

BUDMA 2016. Centre for inspiration, knowledge and business.

More than six hundred exhibitors, hundreds of new products, new products on the market, a series of substantive meetings, gems of design of construction materials manufacturers, meetings with world-renowned architects, master demonstrations and presentations of installation techniques – in brief, that is what the 25th edition of the most recognizable construction industry fair - the BUDMA International Construction and Architecture Fair 2016 will look like (February 2-5).

Out of box design

… at the beginning there was a thought – I want a fireplace! Not necessarily in the living room. Perhaps in the restroom, or in the kitchen? And, not in the cottage, but in the flat. Can I? The out-of-box-design project proves it is feasible. The solutions presented make it possible to have fireplaces installed, generally speaking, anywhere, be it a flat or a house. They also provide architects and designers with limitless possibilities to arrange a space. And, that’s the point!

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