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Every year Poznań is visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world. The city is appreciated for its unique athmosfere, tourist attractions and its good location between the capitals of Poland and Germany. Poznań is also famous for its exciting international events held on the grounds of MTP Poznań Expo – No. 1 expo destination in Poland and CEE.

One of the biggest landmarks of the capital of Wielkopolska is the Old Market Square with its Renaissance town hall which houses the City History Museum. The market is the distinctive meeting place with numerous restaurants and cafés. North of the square, the Imperial Quarter is located, which was designed by prominent European architects and comprises, among others, the Imperial Castle, the Grand Theatre, Collegium Maius, Collegium Minus and Adam Mickiewicz and Karol Marcinkowski parks. On the other hand, east of the market square you can find the historical Ostrów Tumski with the oldest Polish cathedral founded in the 10th century and the Interactive Centre of Ostrów Tumski History.

Poznań offers a lot of recreational space. Among many parks, the historic Citadel with an area of 100 hectares, which was built on the site of the former Fort Winiary and is now a historical monument, is worth mentioning. In the capital of Wielkopolska, Park Sołacki located in the villa district of Sołacz or Rusałka, Kiekrz or Malta lakes are also worth attention. The latter is the arena of international competitions of canoeists and rowers.

In Europe, Poznań is also known for MTP Poznań Expo, which is the arena for many international events. Sport, concerts and international exhibitions in one place. See what awaits you this year!

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Poznań Halfmarathon

You love to run and are looking for new places to visit and events to take part in? Sign up for the Poznań Halfmarathon. Interesting route, music, great atmosphere, energy of supporters and fantastic people! Start and finish are located at MTP Poznań Expo, in the heart of Poznań. The event is accompanied by a fair where you can buy professional equipment for runners.

When? 14.04.2024

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Poznań Motor Show

Poznań Motor Show is the most significant automotive event in Central-Eastern Europe. For many years, we have been providing an unforgettable experience to tens of thousands of attendees who come to the MTP Expo each year.

When? 04-07.04.2024

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Pyrkon is one of the largest Fan Conventions in Europe, where every game, movie, comic books or literature afficionado will feel in heaven. It’s 56 hours of uninterrupted fun, time spent at lectures, selected from nearly a thousand program events, playing games, admiring exhibitions and fantastic villages, meeting fantasy creators from all over the world! It’s also shopping at 280 vendors, who have not only gadgets from the more and less well-known universes among their items, but also unique, hand-made products. However, most of all, it is a Fantastic Meeting Spot, with a magical atmosphere that can only be felt here and only for three days in a year.

When? 14-16.06.2024

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Poznań Game Arena

Poznań Game Arena is the largest computer, console, and multimedia entertaiment fair in Central and Eastern Europe, organized both for the industry and individual visitors. PGA has almost 20 years of history, which we have built together with over 600,000 Polish and foreign game fans.


Poznań Game Arena is a must-attend event for every gaming enthusiast. Every year, the exhibition pavilons are filled with booths, zones, and attractions prepared by leading gaming brands. Among the exhibitors, you can primarily find game developers and gaming equipment manufacturers. The interesting expo program is complemented by cosplay shows, esports tournaments, meetings with influencers, and various captivating side events

When? 25-27.10.2014

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Discover the attractions of Greater Poland

Wolsztyn Roundhouse

The Wolsztyn Roundhouse is the only place in Europe where visitors can not only admire locomotives of a bygone era in the museum's collection, but also witness them in action as they operate regular passenger services. It's a living museum!

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Kłodawa Salt Mine

The deepest and largest salt mine in Poland. It features a tour route that takes visitors 600 metres underground, with a cage descent in an authentic mine shaft that travels at a speed of 6 m/s.

The tourist route passes through deposits of unique pink salt that are over 200 million years old. In Europe, such salt is only mined in Kłodawa. It is there that the purest rock salt in the world is excavated from the deposits formed 250 million years ago. During 2.5 hours, the guide will tell you how the Kłodawa salt came to be in this area and what the miners do. For a while you will feel the call of the mining adventure on your skin!

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Morasko Mountain – Morasko Meteorite Nature Reserve

Established in 1976, this nature reserve is located on the northern slope of Morasko Mountain, where a meteorite shower landed 5,000 years ago. Seven craters still exist, the largest of which measures 100 metres in diameter and 13 metres in depth. The reserve features educational trails and impressive viewpoints from which you may gaze out upon Poznań. Only two other locations in Europe are known to have craters of a similar age, where corresponding meteorites of the same chemical composition have landed.

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Poznań Croissant Museum

Located in the Old Market Square, the living centre of Poznań's traditions and culture, the Poznań Croissant Museum is a place for those eager to learn more about Poznań and the St Martin's croissant tradition. Visitors can watch demonstrations, participate in one-of-a-kind corporate events and attend original educational workshops.

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Edward Island

Situated on Raczyński Lake in Zaniemyśl, around 40 km from Poznań, Edward Island was first documented in 1331. It used to be linked to the mainland by a wooden bridge, but it was only accessible by ferry. For some years now, the lake may be crossed using a pontoon bridge. The island preserves much of its appearance from its proprietor, Count Edward Raczyński. The island's allure resides in its splendid deciduous forest, adorned with nearly 300 ancient trees. Between 1817 and 1819, Count Raczyński, a well-known figure in Greater Poland, built a Swiss-style larch house on the island, which today houses a restaurant.

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Indulge in Local Cuisine

Taters with gzik is a popular starter at Poznań restaurants. Gzik is a mix of cottage cheese, cream, chives or radishes that is served with boiled potatoes. Simple yet mouth-watering!


Goose traditionally served with red cabbage, apples and dumplings is a very exquisite dinner dish typical of Greater Poland.

St Martin's croissants – a true taste of Poznań! Filled with white poppy seeds and almond paste, covered with icing. No words can describe the taste, you just have to try it!