Order e-mailing campaign


An e-mailing campaign carried out using databases of professionals who have agreed to receive commercial information by e-mail from the Grupa MTP. A database for campaigns is selected after a thorough determination of the target customer group. Our tools allow us to precisely filter by criteria:

  • by industry (e.g. architects, furniture industry, construction, agriculture, etc.)
  • geographically (by country, state, county, etc.).
  • by positions and departments in the company (directors, owners, marketing, sales, etc.)
  • by employment size (up to 10 employees, 11-50, 51-100 and over 100 employees)
  • visitors/exhibitors of individual trade fair events

Graphic design is entirely dependent on the Employer and is most often prepared by the Client according to our specifications. On request, we are able to take care of the graphic design as well.

The price of the service includes consultation and a detailed report from the campaign, including information about the number of open e-mails or number of clicks.

For details, please contact:

Agnieszka Jakubik