Order telemarketing services


Telephone contact with a selected group of recipients according to criteria specified by you, e.g. trade fair visitors, the construction industry − construction professionals, production companies from the food industry, trade companies from the furniture industry, etc. in order to present your offer.

The phone call can be informative, for example invitation to a conference, to visit a stand, updating a database, or commercial. The main aim of sales telemarketing is to acquire the so-called lead (person initially interested in the offer that is further contacted by the client). We carefully analyze every order and help to match the best form of a phone call. Our team of consultants working in the telemarketing, despite a lot of experience, each time undergoes individual project training, allowing them to get to know the specifics of the company. We operate on the basis of a scenario, but we are guided by the principle that every conversation creates a new scenario. The results of our actions are presented in the form of detailed reports.

There are also SMS campaigns to a targeted audience (according to the criteria specified by the client). Text information in the form of a short text message (e.g. “The grand opening of the ... store on ...” or “You can win prizes at stand ...”), which may have up to 149 characters.

Telephone numbers for the campaign from the database of entrepreneurs can be selected according to the criteria:

  • by industry (e.g. architects, furniture industry, construction, agriculture, etc.)
  • geographically (by country, state, region, etc.).
  • by positions and departments in the company (directors, owners, marketing, sales, etc.)
  • by employment size (up to 10 employees, 11-50, 51-100 and over 100 employees)

For details, please contact:

Agnieszka Jakubik