We support the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda


We run our business responsibly

Corporate social responsibility is an important element in building the MTP Group's activity strategy, which has been consciously involved in activities for the benefit of the local community and the natural environment for years. Actions aimed at sustainable development and corporate social responsibility are a priority for Grupa MTP. We feel responsible to people and the environment.

Tomasz Kobierski, Chairman of the board of directors of Grupa MTP

All CSR activities carried out by the MTP Group are a response to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

In our daily activities, we focus on the following areas:

3 - good health and quality of life
4 - good quality of education
5 - gender equality
8 - economic growth and decent work
9 - innovation, industry and infrastructure
12 - responsible consumption and production
13- climate action
17 - partnerships for the goals

Polityka's White CSR Leaf

It is an award for the most reliable and socially engaged companies.

During the 10th jubilee edition of the event prepared by Tygodnik Polityka, the consulting company Deloitte and the Responsible Business Forum, we received Polityka's CSR White Leaf. The following aspects were taken into account: human rights, behavior towards employees, environmental protection, customer care, business integrity and social commitment.

The award concerns, inter alia, pro-environmental implementations, the social campaign # RazemdlaMedyków or the IP Friendly project protecting the business of contractors.

We relate the CSR activities of the MTP Group to 4 pillars of the conducted activity, and the areas of influence are: employees, contractors, the environment and the local community.

How do we fulfill our commitments?


  • We focus on employee integration and sport
  • We activate cyclical pro-ecological activities for employees and their relatives 
  • We pursue a rational pro-ecological policy of using available office resources


  • We provide professional services and protect the business of contractors
  • We support ecological solutions for designing exhibition stands 
  • We educate about the recycling of materials used in the construction of stands, giving them a second life


  • We implement ecological maintenance systems for exhibition facilities and neighboring areas
  • We focus on education as part of sustainable development and proactive environmental
  • We optimize server room operations at the fair site


  • We support initiatives that serve residents and those in need
  • We cooperate with the world of science
  • We promote young talents

Find out about selected initiatives in the field of:


We activate employees for pro-ecological activities by organizing, among others cyclical "Clean up the world" campaigns or by developing the bicycle infrastructure at the fair. We take part in the Poland Business Run combining business with pleasure. We are also open to the needs of pets, engaging employees, e.g. as part of integration activities, to create kennels for dogs from the Shelter for Homeless Animals in Gaj.


As the first in Poland, we introduced the innovative IP Friendly initiative, which responds to the real business needs of the exhibition industry. We offer flexible and effective tools for the protection of intellectual property rights, contributing to building awareness of their essence among entrepreneurs. The procedure is intended primarily for exhibitors. We have created a flexible, fast, most informal and transparent procedure for resolving this type of dispute. As a result, the expert will decide whether there has been an infringement of intellectual property rights and will be able, for example, to order the removal of a given exhibit from the stand.


We implement a modern exhibition system focused on recovery or an LED system that completely eliminates the formation of exhibition waste. It is important in the process to give a second life to the fabrics used to create the stand. Thanks to the new system, we can significantly reduce the number of boards, which until now were the basic material for building stands. We also avoid time-consuming processing, and therefore we shorten the assembly time and the amount of materials used. Thanks to signing a contract for the collection of recyclable waste, raw chipboards, MFP and OSB boards, as well as other wooden waste (e.g. square timber) will go to a special container and be used for the production of new boards. Additionally, we are testing a latex-free floor covering that is 100% recyclable. In the second half of 2021, it will become a permanent part of our offer.


Top industry events are held at the fair, where new products and premieres are shown. This is where business leaders meet to make key decisions about the future of their businesses. An example of supporting exhibitors for children is the "Budma for Children" campaign, where the furniture created at the fair stand is handed over to the charges of childcare facilities.

For years, we have been organizing the "Summer at the Fair" campaign, creating a place for active recreation for whole families, where everyone will find something interesting - from a playground, sandbox and fountains for kids to film screenings, disco and concerts for adults. We are open to those in need by organizing Christmas Eve with Caritas Polska for the poorest and the lonely.


Grupa MTP is not only trade fairs, we also provide other solutions that take corporate social responsibility into account in their service.