9/27/2019 2:44:24 PM


Located in pavilion 3A at this year’s The Tastes of the Regions Fair, will offer every visitor a chance to try traditional regional specialties prepared on the basis of original recipes in different, even those most remote, areas of Poland.

TASTES OF THE REGIONS fair is a feast for lovers of traditional Polish food prepared according to old recipes. This event, which takes place in conjunction with Polagra Food and Polagra Gastro fairs in Poznań, successfully implements the assumption of promoting natural, certified traditional food.

During the Tastes of Regions fair, a Culinary Scene will be created. Best chefs will cook traditional and regional dishes! This year stage hosts such stars as Mateusz Gessler, Jan Kuroń and Tomasz Muller.

If you want to see how well-known dishes are prepared in selected parts of Poland, listen to interesting stories about the origin of dishes, you must visit us. It's a great way to get to know the culinary heritage of the regions. Of course, at the end we invite you to a tasting of prepared dishes.