Energy sector meets in Poznań

5/6/2019 3:29:54 PM


Are you looking for innovations in the power engineering, electrical engineering or lighting sectors? Wondering what's going on in the industry? Plan your visit in Poznań; the EXPOPOWER trade fair provides many companies with inspiring ideas to introduce innovative solutions. Additionally, the fair will include many events that will provide a solid portion of the latest knowledge.

The exhibition of this year's EXPOPOWER International Power Industry Fair covers a wide range of issues related to power engineering, electrical engineering, lighting, machinery and electrical equipment, cables and connectors, control and monitoring, accessories for automation systems, lightning protection systems, power engineering construction, as well as environmental protection in the power industry. In order to provide easier access to relevant technologies and market proposals for the visitors, the exhibition was divided into six zones: energy, innovation, installations, lighting, automation and telecommunications.


Meeting of the energy sector

EXPOPOWER is a series of events for the conventional power industry. Every year the fair attracts visitors and exhibitors from all over the world to Poznań. The event features presentations of initiatives of entrepreneurs, local government institutions and representatives of science, which focus on innovative solutions, technologies and modern products in the field of industrial power engineering, automation, control, as well as low, medium and high voltage installations. The EXPOPOWER trade fair is also a venue for meetings, discussions and exchange of experience between representatives of trade chambers and associations. The fair is visited by professional visitors, among others, electricians, power engineers, installers, technicians, designers, order coordinators and property managers.

Strategic partner

It is the second time that Enea Operator, one of the most important power companies on the Polish market, has become the strategic partner of EXPOPOWER. Enea Operator has planed a number of activities in the exhibition space. The program includes conferences dedicated to professionals, live demonstrations, an educational zone and demonstrations of medical rescue services related to accidents in the power industry. Encouraged by the success last year (over 1,400 visitors from the Enea Group), this year Enea Operator along with the MTP Group will also make it possible for organized groups of professional visitors to come.

Innovative Energy Forum

The exhibition offerings are complemented by a series of side events, which seem promising this year. The most important energy specialists from Poland and abroad will take part in a number of conferences, debates and meetings. The ENERGINN Innovative Energy Forum, co-organized with the Governor of Wielkopolska and ENEA Operator, has become an integral part of the EXPOPOWER fair. The last edition gathered over 400 representatives of local governments and the energy sector. The Forum is a response to the growing interest in the issues related to the future of the power industry in Poland and the development of innovation in this area. It will be an opportunity for a substantive discussion on the current challenges of the industry. The Forum is a perfect place for local self-government officials, representatives of science and the broadly understood energy sector to meet and engage in discussions.


Not only energy

The EXPOPOWER trade fair will be held in parallel to the GREENPOWER International Renewable Energy Fair and Poznań Drone Expo. The GREENPOWER trade fair encompasses all sectors of renewable energy. During the fair, a number of specialist seminars, industry meetings, presentations of the latest development as well as consultations and advice session at expert stands are held. This year, it is the first time that the Poznań Drone Expo trade fair will has joined the trade fairs dedicated to the power industry. The event will feature a demonstration zone which will offer, among other things, a demonstration of the potential of drones in practice, demonstrations of extraordinary skills of their pilots, as well as lectures by well-known specialists.

The EXPOPOWER International Power Industry Fair will take place 7-9 May 2019 at the Poznań International Fair.