11/14/2019 11:24:22 AM


We have just received another prestigious award. The list of top players by Press @Magazyn and PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów agency is a selection of brands with the strongest presence in the media. GRUPA MTP has become the leader of the rank for the second time.

The ranking process has shown that GRUPA MTP has the most mentions in the media and the most extensive reach among all the trade fair and exhibition operators. Such popular and appreciated trade events as the Poznań Motor Show, Polagra, Budma or Drema, as well as such sports events as Cavaliada, the concerts and conferences held at the Poznań Congress Center are highly popular among nationwide media.

The value which ultimately determines a brand’s position on the list has always been the brand’s strength, which is a function of several variables, including the volume of brand encounters in the audiences and the assessment of the quality of its message.
Edition XII of the Top Brand survey covered as many as 500 brands from 50 industry sectors. The report is based on the press, Internet and social media resources published from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019, covering a total of 73 million news pieces, of which 2 million were published in the press, 10 million on the Internet, and 61 millions posted on social media.

The results are published in a special supplement to Press magazine.
Thank you for the appreciation, and we send our congratulations to all the other exhibition event operators.