MOOD CONCEPT 2018: the feast of original design is approaching

11/28/2018 7:00:55 PM


It is the first event of this type in Poland. Interior design without compromise in terms of quality: a list of exhibitors confirmed by the loveOriginal Association, the most renowned brands and boutique-like exhibitions, meetings with experts from the world of architecture and design. Write it down in your calendar now: 19-21 October, EXPO XXI Centre in Warsaw.

“100% original design” − a declaration made to the general public that is taken very seriously by the organisers of MOOD CONCEPT. Therefore, in October the EXPO XXI Centre will host only brands representing original design. The guarantor of this selection is the strategic partner of MOOD CONCEPT − the loveOriginal Association whose strategic objectives are to promote good design and create a trend for the purchase of original products. “This autumn, we want to fulfill the dream of an event for the interior design industry in Poland without copies or the so-called inspired products. We keep repeating like a mantra: respect copyright, do not steal and love the original. There is still very much to do in the field of education on original design in Poland. Due to its location in the capital city, MOOD CONCEPT can become a critical event in this area” − emphasises Bernike Miłkowska-Milbrodt, President of the loveOriginal Association.

The presence of the Association at MOOD CONCEPT will have a dual dimension. A conference under the theme “Inspiration or plagiarism?” including a series of panel discussions and lectures devoted to copying utility models, compliance with copyright and patent protection in the furniture and interior design industries will be held at the EXPO XXI Center on Friday, October 19, 2018. The conference will be accompanied by a 3-day exhibition coinciding with MOOD CONCEPT entitled “We loveOriginal” which in a surprising, direct and uncompromising manner presents the problem of unethical copying the works of the best designers. Visitors will also have the opportunity to learn fascinating stories of the formation of the largest international design icons and see the most iconic stars of design.

“We loveOriginal” is not the only special area at MOOD CONCEPT 2018. Participants in the event will be able to see the exhibition of this year's winners of the international TOP DESIGN award competition, which was held during arena DESIGN in Poznan in March. We also prepared for our guests the Viva Light Zone or Bathroom Innovation Gallery. More detailed information will be available soon at

The group of registered exhibitors includes renowned global brands, which so far have rarely or never participated in furniture and interior design trade fairs in Poland (such as Smeg, Linea Light, Kartell, Rolf Benz, Bretz, Natuzzi, Huelsta, Team 7, Artemide, Art of Loft, Frost, Stressless or Ligne Roset). The exhibition will also feature collections of Polish premium brands such as Klose, Livingroom and Iker.

The first day will be addressed exclusively to business customers, mainly interior designers, representatives of design offices and independent designers. The importance of this group in furniture and home furnishings sale systems is constantly growing. MOOD CONCEPT will be an opportunity for manufacturers to establish direct cooperation with designers who can actively influence the purchasing decisions of customers, persuade them to purchase additional products, as well as effectively lead them along the purchasing path to the final, that is to ordering. On Saturday and Sunday the exhibition will be open to retail customers interested in buying the furniture and interior elements, which will be an opportunity to find interesting interior design inspiration.