New passenger waiting shelters in Poznan


In Poznań, the process of passenger waiting shelters replacement has started. By the end of 2019, 150 shelters will be replaced. The process is coordinated - according to the Instruction of the Mayor of the City of Poznań - by Grupa MTP and City Marketing brand that belongs responsible for outdoor advertising.

New shelters have modern design. They are made of aluminium, glass and wood. The design is graphite coloured with green elements. A typical shelter has nearly a 200-centimetre wide roof that protects against sun and rain and side walls made of glass, which protect against wind. The shelters will be equipped with energy-saving lighting and an illuminated display with passenger information, as well as a comfortable bench with a backrest, made of wood.

New shelters will increase the comfort of passengers and the quality of their service. The shelters offer better protection against rain and wind and, due to lighting, they will make it possible for passengers to use timetables even at night. Their colour and design comply with the guidelines of the City Transportation Authorities – says Bartosz Zeidler, the head of the Product Group responsible for City Marketing brand.


The process of shelter construction poses many challenges due to high variety of stop platforms. They differ both in length and in width, and thus, it is not possible to use one model of the shelter. This imposes the need to reconcile the requirements concerning passenger traffic safety and functionality of shelters. - Passenger safety is our priority. We need to ensure free passage for families with prams and people with disabilities, including those using wheelchairs. This is why every shelter is adapted to the possibilities that arise from spatial conditions – emphasises Zeidler. Narrow shelters are also equipped with a display with passenger information, lighting and a bench, but due to spatial limitations, they may have narrower walls and roof.

The first two shelters appeared last weekend in the urban space at Grunwaldzka Street on the Drzewiecki stop. A typical wide shelter was erected on the bus stop. And a test narrow structure was erected at a tram stop in the direction of Junikowa. At the weekend, there were works performed to extend the roof of the structure as much as possible while maintaining the safety of passengers.


At the same time, the process of developing an optimal solution for such difficult locations is in progress, and all arrangements are consulted between ZTM (Public Transport Authority), MPK and Grupa MTP. After obtaining the necessary opinions and modifications, the process of erecting shelters on narrow platforms will start in the second half of 2019.


Please be advised that at the same time new shelters on wide stop platforms will appear in Poznań. In majority of locations, they will be larger than the existing ones. The entire process assumes the erection of 600 passenger waiting shelters and relocation of modernised shelters until 2025.



City Marketing is a new entity in the outdoor advertising market that belongs to Grupa MTP. It was established to comprehensively maintain, manage and develop a network of outdoor advertising media in Poznań while respecting the aesthetics of the local public space. City Marketing guarantees that the advertising message will reach the residents of Poznań in the most effective manner due to the best locations and the diversity of advertising media - from citylights on passenger waiting shelters, through modern advertising columns, to classic columns in the area of historic districts.