Poznan as the center of the European ESG debate – GREENPACT 2024 is coming


On October 29-30, the first edition of GREENPACT European ESG Summit, which is a unique event dedicated to sustainable development in Central Europe, will take place at the Poznań Congress Center. The Congress is organized by the MTP Group and the Polish Chamber of Commerce.

The future concerns us all

The GREENPACT European ESG Summit Congress i san innovative look at sustainability and a space for discussion. Every change must start with a change in thinking, which is why over the two days of the event, its participants will talk about things that really matter. The organizers of the Congress are betting on a diverse discussion and multi-voice, from which everyone will have the opportunity to catch things that are valuable and useful.

- Incorporating ESG policies into business strategy is not just a new norm, but a key element in evaluating companies, in line with emerging regulations and real social expectations. Organized the GREENPACT conference, for the first time in partnership with the Polish Chamber of Commerce, is a unique opportunity to explore the theory and practical aspects of ESG – announces Tomasz Kobierski, CEO of the MTP Group.

The event will feature panel discussions on:

  • financing the green transition in Europe;
  • the challenges of the Green Deal;
  • cooperation of business and NGOs for sustainable development;
  • the use of new technologies in solving global problems such as hunger, environmental disasters;
  • migration challenges and policies;
  • and what social inequality has to do with climate inequality.
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A multidimensional space for discussion

GREENPACT European ESG Summit is a congress that is not limited to business-to-consumer relations. That’s why it invites business representatives, activists, academics, as well as representatives of public administration and international agencies to join the great brainstorming session. It is estimated that the event will feature 200+ speakers and 2000+participants.

The congress is organized by the MTP Group and the Polish Chamber of Commerce, who decided to combine their substantive and organizational experience to create a new space for qualitative discussion about the world space.

Join th event and become part of a real discussion about the future of the Earth!

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