Record-high participation in Lublin

2/8/2018 1:21:55 PM


The Cavaliada Competition in Lublin is becoming increasingly popular among riders with each passing year. Once again a record number of teams applied for participation.

Over 300 teams wanted to participate in the second competition from the Cavaliada Tour series. Unfortunately due to the time constraints of the schedule the organizer could only accept 260 horses. Such a high number of national flags (15) representing the countries of the participants has never been presented at the Lublin Trade Fair hall. This year at the starting line we will see 140 riders from Belgium, Estonia, Germany, United Kingdom, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Russia, Sweden and Ukraine.

The foreign guests also include stars like Ales Opatrny from the Czech Republic, who won the Lublin Grand Prix last year, Andre Plath from Germany, Andrius Petrovas from Lithuania or Vladimir Beletskiy from Lithuania. Almost all riders from the top ten ranking of the Polish Equestrian Federation will be present: the champion Jarosław Skrzyczyński, Krzysztof Ludwiczak, Michał Kazmierczak, Wojciech Wojcianiec, Maksymilian Wechta, Adam Grzegorzewski, Jan Bobik and Mściwoj Kiecoń.

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