Results matter in the horticultural industry

2/8/2018 1:37:15 PM


The new gardening season, which will be inaugurated at the GARDENIA International Garden and Landscape Architecture Fair, is approaching. The twelfth edition of the event will be held in Poznań on 22-24 February 2018. The time spent during the GARDENIA Fair will help you increase awareness among visitors and build a strong relationship with the customer.

Technological innovations in the GARDEN sector, rich exhibition of products, machines, gardening tools and services, new solutions for the arrangement of greenery, specialist sales knowledge, meetings with personalities from the horticultural industry, advice on how to work effectively within garden shops and garden centers, proven tools for trade − these are the highlights of another edition of the GARDENIA Fair which will take place at MTP fairgrounds being the biggest trade fair and conference center in Central and Eastern Europe.

Increased number of halls at GARDENIA FAIR

The core of the exhibition at GARDENIA Fair will once again be trees and shrubs, potted and bedding plants, flower bulbs, peats and substrates. Visitors can also expect a varied exhibition of tools, gardening equipment and accessories for irrigation. On MTP fairgrounds you will also have an opportunity to find the elements of small garden architecture. The main part of the exhibition will be located in Halls 3, 3A, 4, 5, and for the first time in the history of the Fair − in Hall 6 with an area of 7,500 m2.  Hall 5A will feature decorative and floristic items – he adds.  The whole exhibition will be complemented by sports and recreation areas. In this place it should be emphasized that more than 400 companies have already confirmed participation in the fair. They include leading manufacturers and distributors in the market, but also local suppliers.

GARDENIA shapes the horticultural market

GARDENIA belongs to the group of the leading gardening events of in Europe. − In our country it shapes the gardening market motivating companies to develop effective business strategies for the coming years − assures Jakub Patelka, Project Director. − Although nowadays the Internet gives unlimited possibilities of learning in any area, GARDENIA is the intermediary in the process of exchange of experiences among professionals. It also helps to get the business know-how − he adds. GARDENIA is also a chance to see the broadest range of companies from the horticultural industry, which will present the widest range of products on their beautifully arranged stands.

Congress of Horticultural Industry Leaders version 2.0

You are cordially invited to the Kingdom of Sales at the second edition of the Congress of Horticultural Industry Leaders. If you want to get some sales knowledge you will have an opportunity to meet practitioners in the field of effective customer service, increasing the shopping cart value and effective product rotation. All of it this to make sure that you achieve the highest profits possible, not only at your shop. − Reassured by the success of the first edition of the project we had no doubt that we will continue it − says Ilona Lukaszewicz-Rosiak, coordinator of the Congress of Horticultural Industry Leaders. − However, we have decided to focus on what matters most, that is sales. This time we will not discuss the issue of promotion or investment in marketing. On the contrary, we will fully focus on profitable business − she said.

Content-rich program

We already know that the meeting will take place on 23 February 2018, so on the second day of the Gardenia Fair. It will last from 14:00 until 18:00, which, as emphasized by the organizers, is the optimal solution. − With this schedule, members of Congress and at the same time visitors to the Gardenia Fair, can focus on both events with varying degrees − says Jakub Patelka, Director of the Gardenia Fair. − This optimization has been positively received by the participants in the last year, so the formula will not change − he adds.

The speakers there will include Michał Paradowski of 4results who will talk about attracting new customers in the horticultural industry. The invitation was also accepted by Grzegorz Furtak of PricingLab that specializes in topics related to margin levels, pricing thresholds, setting of the price relative to the quality of the product. You will be also enchanted by Marek Borowiński known as Shop Doctor for whom merchandising combined with neuromarketing has no secrets. Paweł Bronikowski and his Social Selling, or sales in the social networking media, also promises to be interesting. Robert Radkiewicz, who managed to build a number of garden centers, will share his knowledge of the organization of commercial space.

Significant position of GARDENIA in the international arena

GARDENIA certainly can be classified as a large-format exhibition which every year helps set new trends and directions of development for the horticultural industry. It is also a good time to summarize the current stage of development of the horticultural industry. − The nature of the exhibition proves its rank in the international arena and in Poland − emphasizes Jakub Patelka.

Is it time for automated gardens?

What will be the future of the garden? According to some it will be fully automated. Garden devices and machines will be connected to a computer, so that the management of the watering or pruning system will be very simple. Of great importance will also be daily reports on the condition of the garden. All of this so that the user can focus on the values of their garden. Many new models of automatic lawnmowers, sensors and irrigation systems will be presented in February during the GARDENIA Fair.


During the GARDENIA Fair in February, we will continue the formula of a competition for plant producers with a view to selecting the most beautiful varieties of plants in the 2018 season. You can start suggesting lovers of gardens which particular varieties they should have in their gardens. Companies that have already confirmed their participation in the GARDENIA Fair can report outstanding plants, and delighting with beauty, color, texture of the leaves or and shape of flowers.

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