The World Wicker and Weaving Festival


Visit the largest and one of the most important meetings of weavers and their supporters in the world.

Discover tradition and diversity - visit the 5th World Festival of Wicker and Basketwork!

The 5th World Festival of Wicker and Basketwork, which will take place at the MTP Poznań Expo on August 24-27, is an extraordinary journey to a world where nature meets creativity, and tradition intertwines with modernity. It is a unique opportunity to get to know not only the beauty of the craft, but also the living tradition and passion of people from all over the world who create extraordinary wicker works.


Jubilee edition of the festival
The World Wicker and Basketwork Festival is one of the largest and most important meetings of the basketry community and its supporters in the world. This year, its fifth jubilee edition will take place, for the first time at the MTP Poznań Expo. The organizers of the festival are the National Association of Plaiters and Wickerworkers from Nowy Tomyśl and Grupa MTP. The event will once again bring together basketry artists and creators, as well as handicraft enthusiasts who want to discover the secrets of this ancient art.
- Invited artists and basketry masters will share their skills and passion with us. Workshops, meetings and conversations with them will allow you to delve into this unique field of handicraft, which is the tradition of basketry, not only in Poland. It will be a great opportunity to instil love for creativity and tradition in the youngest ones, promises Andrzej Pawlak, the commissioner of the World Festival of Wicker and Basketwork.

Handicraft in its purest form
In times when mass production dominates, the World Festival of Wicker and Basketwork will show why it is worth focusing on individuality and originality. During the festival, you will not only be able to admire the works of wickerworkers, but also buy original works made by hand from wicker and other natural materials during the Summer Fair, which will be held at the same time on the festival grounds. Baskets, jewelry or decorations - it's worth seeing how limitless is what can be created from simple, ecological and nature-friendly materials.


Inspiration from around the world
Contemporary basketmakers are not only craftsmen, but also artists. The 5th World Wicker and Basketwork Festival is a great opportunity to meet face to face with basketry masters from 59 countries, learn more about their inspirations, techniques and the history behind each of their works. 135 participants from different parts of the world will compete during the 6th International Basketball Competition and compete for the Grand Prix of the Festival in several categories.

International exhibitions
In pavilion 3 of the Poznań International Fair, you will be able to see exhibitions of basketry works from around the world and thus learn about the variety of styles, patterns and techniques that come from individual continents. These will be colorful exhibitions presenting the achievements of domestic and foreign artists, which will be filled with charming exhibits, interesting information enriched with photographs and multimedia presentations, accompanied by stories of artists and guides. Artists whose work will be on display include: Polish artist Jędrzej Stępak or Australian artist Aly de Groot.

Discovering culture and tradition
The World Wicker and Basketwork Festival is a unique opportunity to explore the culture and tradition of not only our region, but also other countries. The event will be accompanied by artistic, dance and music performances full of folklore, presenting traditions from around the world. The festival stage will host i.a. The Folklore Group "Czaczka", the Alpine Horns Group "Cors en Coeurs", the theater group Kulturka and the Song and Dance Group Łany.

Knowledge and creativity
The festival is also a rich program of accompanying events and workshops for people of all ages. Both children, adults and the elderly will find something for themselves here. On the festival grounds, open basketry workshops will be held every day, which you will be able to join throughout the day. It will be an opportunity to learn basketry techniques under the guidance of experts from around the world, gain new skills and create your own work together with your family.


Zone for the youngest
The festival is also a unique place for the youngest. Children will have the opportunity to participate in special activities that will introduce them to the world of wicker making and stimulate their creativity. In addition, the zone provides, among others: a show of soap bubbles, an inflatable playground, animations, games, fun and dances, as well as visits by heroes from fairy tales! It is also worth visiting the exhibition of wicker objects with the whole family, where - not only children - wicker animals, vehicles and other more real and abstract exhibits will delight with their form. On Friday, August 25, a special music entertainment zone with competitions and prizes will also be provided by Radio Eska with the Eska Summer City event.

A meeting of wickerwork enthusiasts
There is no better place to meet people who are interested in the subject of handicrafts, the tradition of basketry and crafts than the World Festival of Wicker and Plaiting. It is an opportunity to exchange experiences, talk to artists from around the world, gain knowledge from other participants and see basketry techniques from different countries. Thanks to this, the festival will become a place with an extraordinary atmosphere of openness and community, despite differences in traditions and culture.

Venue: MTP Poznań Expo, ul. Glogowska 14, Poznan
Date: August 24-27, 2023
Tickets available at >>HERE