ZiO app


The ZiO app is the new take-away food ordering app. Created during the pandemic, it is an alternative to other "food delivery" platforms. Focusing on local businesses and giving more benefits to restaurants. Grupa MTP is the partner of ZiO app.

ZiO app is guided by the slogan "I order consciously, I support locally". From the customer's point of view, it works the same: there is a list of restaurants, menus for each of them, online payment and information about the delivery time. You can pick up the food yourself or use the pick-up service. The ZiO app looks completely different "from the inside".

- Payment goes straight to the restaurant - explains Maciej Czekała, creator of the app - We don't have our own supplies and we don't want to have them. There are deliverers on the market, small local businesses and we want to give them jobs. We integrate with them and with the help of our application we deliver them clients and orders.

The ZiO app has the lowest commission on the market (5%) and has no hidden costs. Every restaurant owner knows what costs will be incurred by using the ZiO app and also has control over the menu and promotions.

- ZiO app is a revolution on the food delivery market and I am glad that we can be a part of it - says Tomasz Kobierski, chairman of the board of Grupa MTP, which is a partner of ZiO app. - It supports local businesses and, more importantly, educates about conscious consumption. It already has a group of regular, loyal customers who know that with the ZiO app they support gastronomy more than with other take-away applications.

The ZiO app is currently working in Poznań, but it is ready to enter other cities. It can be joined not only by cafes and restaurants, but also shops - e.g. bakeries, confectioneries or health food stores - as well as producers of regional and certified food.