Grupa MTP is the publisher of trade magazines that reach numerous B2B sector representatives. Each of the titles published addresses the needs of a different sector. The common denominator of all of them is the overarching goal – regular contact with the industry, maintaining and building a network of new relationships. Each magazine is a source of inspiring knowledge for professionals who look boldly to the future. We encourage you to use our promotional and advertising potential and editorial cooperation.

Publications in the portfolio of the Grupa MTP:

  • Business leader. Horticultural industry magazine
  • Sukces po poznańsku
  • Everything works
  • Horse&Business Magazine
  • Omega magazine - idea book for the funeral industry
  • Fason
  • Fitness Business

Our publications:

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Business leader. Horticultural industry magazine

Editor-in-Chief – Klaudyna Bogurska Matys

Essential reading for the scores of ambitious people in the horticultural industry. In close cooperation with the Gardenia trade fair the magazine builds and creates business development tools which have been completely absent thus far. These include i.a. Garden Business Club, Congress of Leaders of the Horticultural Industry, training for managerial staff, surveys among gardening enthusiasts. The biggest challenge for this publication is the unbridled imagination of the design team and the editorial team.

Succeed in Poznań. City & Lifestyle Magazine

Editor-in-Chief - Joanna Małecka

"Succeed in Poznań. City & Lifestyle Magazine" is a magazine addressed both to Poznań residents and people who come to Poznań and stay here. We are always close to people, their affairs, failures and successes. We check what the city is like, how life looks "behind the scenes", we look at events and events. We are always there where something important is happening. „Sukces po poznańsku” is also business, the small and big, which is thriving in Poznań, exclusive interviews, valuable reports and an overview of places to look. „Sukces po poznańsku” is a magazine about the human face of business, culture and art given in an accessible way. Everything we do leads to success. Some of us have achieved this success, some are still working on it – honestly and honestly, in Poznań!

Everything works

Editor-in-Chief – Marta Józefczak

Publication directed to installers who want to dig deeper in the technical aspects of new solutions, but also improve their business competencies, integrate with the community specialists, and relax. "Wszystko Działa" is a new quality on the publishing market, event though it is not the only proposal in the case of this industry. The magazine stands out in every respect, however, and that is it's advantage!

„Horse&Business Magazine”

Editor-in-Chief – Klaudyna Bogurska Matys

The project brings together the leaders of the horse industry. It is only a step away from being the most influential magazine of the horse riding industry. It is created on the road, on the basis of individual meetings with the icons of business, sports and recreation. Each new issue comes with huge satisfaction stemming from the number of people engaged in cooperation. Genuine meetings are the magazine's main attribute.

„Omega” magazine - idea book for the funeral industry

Editor-in-Chief – Katarzyna Supa

The emergence of this publication on the market completely changed the perception of the funeral industry. This magazine crushes all the clichés and breaks with rigid canons. It provides an insight into what is seen in Poland as one of the most conservative industries. There are no taboos for "Omega". Instead the magazine presents absolutely unique discoveries from the foreign markets, which pose a challenge for the Polish funeral homes and the manufacturers of solutions dedicated to them.

FASON Sales Marketing Inspirations

Editor-in-Chief – Katarzyna Supa

See good patterns in fashion trade for small and medium multi-brand stores. We show opportunities, suggest how to create a counterweight for online stores and face the challenges faced by traders and owners of small and medium-sized stores. We are guided by the idea that the seller in the fashion store has not only to sell the goods, but above all has to take the client, build a positive and lasting relationship with him.

Poznań Trade Fair Magazine

Editor-in-Chief – Katarzyna Supa

The oldest, most interdisciplinary and engaging publication from which it all began. Nothing changes as dynamically as its content. That is because it is developed in cooperation with everyone. The essence of the "PMT" semi-annual magazine is that both the paper edition and the interactive one should be fully up to date. It contains a calendar of trade fair events, and reports from the most interesting corporate and economic events. In other words, it's a collection of everything that anyone should know.