Trade Fair Promotional Services

As City Marketing we help develop the concept and carry out effective promotional campaigns for companies, brands and products through the use of various marketing communication channels.

We select tools and channels of communication with the customer.

We implement technical projects! We implement advertising projects, printing, rent advertising structures, shoot footages, produce advertising spots.




LARGE FORMAT on MTP fairgrounds. Be remembered in large format!

Take advantage of outdoor media − different spatial forms, advertising structures, banners, flags available inside the halls with a message addressed to the participants and exhibitors at: trade fairs, congresses, conferences and other events and meetings. We assist in the selection of media and the best location.


Display your advertising spot on 50 screens located on MTP fairgrounds!

The screens located at the main entrances, lobbies and points most frequented by the participants of events are an excellent form of getting potential customers interested in your image and product. We assist in the preparation of video material.

ONLINE ADVERTISING − Maximize the potential of websites!

Reach thousands of professionals and people interested in the sector by posting information, banners and videos on the industry websites of our events linked to your websites

In cooperation with our IT specialists we can develop optimal solutions


Reach a specific recipient by using our databases!

Invite clients to an event, present a new product, acquire contacts to people you are looking for. We send information via e-mail and traditional mail, and also contact by telephone with individuals who filled in the survey and agreed to receive commercial information from MTP

ADVERTISING IN PUBLICATIONS − Reach thousands of customers!

Advertise in our general and industry publications which will reach interested persons before and during the event. Image advertising or sponsored article will gain a wide audience. We assist in the preparation of radvertising projects.

PERSONS AND VEHICLES Actively and directly reach your recipient!

Nothing can replace direct “eye to eye” contact with the recipients of marketing information. Order mobile advertising − a hostess/host to distribute promotional materials at an event who will distribute materials to inform and gather contacts from interested persons. Mobile advertising is one of the most effective forms of reaching out to the customer, because of the natural impulse to focus attention on the distinctive environment, and moving people and vehicles. We have a base of people ready to work for you.