Acanthus Aureus

The ACANTHUS AUREUS statue is awarded to exhibitors who were best able to execute their vision of a stand while combining it with the company's marketing strategy.




In 2003 the Grupa MTP established the ACANTHUS AUREUS (the GOLDEN ACANTHUS) award. The combination of these two words was not accidental and underlines the unique character of this award, as the word ACANTHUS is associated with classical patterns in architecture, and the word AUREUS is associated with the highest laurels in every area of life.

The prize awarded by the Grupa MTP aims to distinguish the best architectural and graphical solutions, which are conducive to direct communication with the clients and emphasize the positive image of the company exhibiting its offer at individual trade fairs. The ACANTHUS AUREUS statuette is awarded to stands that are best designed and best suited to implement a company's marketing strategy during a trade fair.

Exceptional and well thought-out stands greatly facilitate a company's work and are crucial for the positive marketing effect resulting from participation in a trade fair. 

A very important advantage of the award is also the fact, that it is granted by the Chapter, which is composed of eminent experts in the field of design, marketing and trade fair exhibitions.

Organizational matters are handled by:

Anna Smolińska