Practical information

We wish you a pleasant stay at MTP Poznań Expo.

MTP Poznań Expo 

is located on Głogowska Street, in the city centre. Therefore, all important city points are at your fingertips. Several large hotels are located in the immediate vicinity of the fairgrounds. You can reach the railway station on foot in just 5 minutes. Ławica Airport is in turn located at a distance of 7 km.


We offer you a parking area (approximately 1000 parking lots) located 350 meters from the exhibition grounds and guarded 24 hours a day. The parking services passenger cars, trucks, buses and large size vehicles (TIR).

Parking location

MTP parking, ul. Matejki

GPS: ul. Matejki 63


  • Motorcycle/scooter - PLN 2.00/1h
  • Passenger car - PLN 4.00/1h
  • Trailer - PLN 4.00/1h
  • Truck/bus - PLN 8.00/1h
  • Passenger car+trailer - PLN 8.00/1h


You will receive an invoice for parking services based on the receipt provided to the operator at the exit of the car park from Matejki Street or sent to the headquarters of the operator - GREEN Parking Polska Sp. z o.o., ul. Opalenicka 67, 60-362 Poznan.

First aid

If health or life of people present on the grounds of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie is threatened, please contact:

  • MTP emergency phone: +48 61 869 2112 
    Security Department Guardroom
  • Trade Fair Information: marked by "I" on the MTP map
    phone: +48 61 869 2000
  • General emergency phone: 112
  • Ambulance: 999

First aid is provided on the MTP grounds by the Medical Rescue Team. During trade shows, it its stationed at the Security Department Guardroom (next to the Pavilion 13).
See on map - CLICK HERE

Internet Wi-Fi

We encourage you to use the Wi-Fi Internet access service on MTP fairgrounds. The service is particularly recommended for participants in fairs and events, conferences and congresses organized by MTP. Access to the service is free.

How to log in?

  1. Start Wi-Fi on your device
  2. Choose the wireless network MTP FREE WI-FI.
  3. Open any web browser (if the login window does not appear automatically, enter the address 1wifi.mtp.plor
  4. Choose "Registration" and fill out a short form, and you will receive a login and password on the phone number you provided.
  5. Log in and use the free MTP * network.

* You can use the login and password on two devices at the same time.

>>> Regulations <<<


Our guests can use taxis from the "Radio Taxi 519" corporation (tel. 61 519 8 519 8 519 or 61 628), which are granted entry to MTP fairgrounds. Taxis can be ordered from any place in Poznan to get directly to the halls on MTP fairgrounds.

The cheapest, safest and most comfortable way is to order a taxi. This guarantees honest prices and short waiting times. The following corporations offer free-of-charge arrival at the customer's location.

  • Poznan Association of Taxi Drivers - 61 8519-519
  • Radio Taxi RMI FM – Poznań 61 8219-219

Cash machines

The following cash machines are located in the direct neighbourhood of Poznań International Fair:

Bank Zachodni WBK SA, ul. Głogowska 16,

PKO SA, ul. Głogowska 26,

PKO BP, ul. Głogowska 10,

A cash machine is also located at the Main Station (Dworzec Główny), which is in front of Poznań International Fair.

Withdrawal of cash while shopping is now available on MTP fairgrounds in MTP Cafe points.

To take advantage of the cashback service you just need to have a debit card, make a small purchase and indicate that you want to withdraw cash before the card transaction. The checkout assistant will settle the purchase and then will withdraw the amount requested by you. The transaction is confirmed using the PIN code assigned to the card and is settled in a separate receipt. 

Withdrawal limits and transaction fees depend on the individual contracts with the bank.

Facilities for the disabled

We are doing our best to make Poznań International Fair a disabled-friendly place. We install lifts and driveways wherever possible, so that the persons on a wheelchair could easily move around the whole fairgrounds. Most of our toilets located in the exhibition halls are also adjusted to the needs of people with limited walking abilities.

All our main entrances have vast doors which allow for easy entrance of a person on a wheelchair.

Blind persons accompanied by a guide dog may be certain that they will be welcome here. However we would like you to take into consideration the fact that the level of loudness at some events may be high enough to cause discomfort in an animal.

We also encourage to use the tab “How to get here” to find out what is the easiest way to arrive at the Fair. The majority of buses in Poznań , just like trains, is adjusted to the needs of people on a wheelchair.

Waiting in a queue to a ticket office may be bothersome. We encourage you to purchase tickets earlier using the tab “Tickets”.

We know that there is always something more that can be done. If you are a disabled person or a caregiver of a disabled person and have any questions – do send us an email ( or call us! (61 869 2000) 




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