Access to the Fair

In the heart of Europe
Poznan is the world's most famous Polish fair city. It is situated in the centre of Europe, just a 2.5 hour drive from Berlin and three hours from Warsaw. Poznan has an international airport "Ławica" and a wide range of national and international rail connections. The geographical location of Poznan provides excellent communication with cities of all Polish regions and with foreign countries.


In the city center

is located on Głogowska Street, in the city centre. Therefore, all important city points are at your fingertips. Several large hotels are located in the immediate vicinity of the fairgrounds. You can reach the railway station on foot in just 5 minutes. Ławica Airport is in turn located at a distance of 6 km.

Due to the temporary change of public transport timetable, please check the current information on the website >> ZTM Poznań <<


BY PLANE               

Poznań's ‎Ławica airport currently services flights from almost 20 European cities: Barcelona, Bristol, Dortmund, Doncaster, Dublin, Edinburgh, and Frankfurt on the Main, Copenhagen, London, Liverpool, Milan, Munich, Oslo,  Paris.

Poznań also services flights from Warsaw and Cracow. More information at the airport's website -

Bus connection to the airport

  • "L" rapid bus line running between: Main Railway Station and ‎Ławica airport
  • Bus line no. 59 running between: Bałtyk (Rondo Kaponiera) - ‎Ławica airport
  • Bus line no. 48 running between: Bałtyk (Rondo Kaponiera) - ‎Ławica airport
  • Night bus line no. 242 running between Main Railway Station and ‎Ławica airport

The grounds of Poznań International Fair and the Main Railway station are in the vicinity of "Bałtyk" bus stop.


Some important international road routes intersect in Poznań: E-30 - Berlin - Warsaw - Moscow and E-261 - Gdańsk - Wrocław - Prague.

The coordinates of our company (GPS):

  •     N52° 24' 140"
  •     E16° 54' 208"

Entry Gate -  Poznań, ul. Śniadeckich 25


PKP (the Polish Railways) offers direct connections from Poznań to Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt on the Main, Munich, Nuremberg, Cologne, Amsterdam, Basel, PKP Intercity is a partner of MTP.

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